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Registration Info

Registration ? How it Works

To participate in experiments conducted by researchers at Explerimental Lab of the Vancouver School of Economics you must first register online. As part of the registration process you will be asked to provide basic contact information (your name, email address and a current telephone number). If you are a student you will also be asked to provide your field of study and the year you began your studies; if you are not a student you will be asked to provide your occupation. Finally, you will be asked to indicate the type of economic experiments for which you want to receive invitations (laboratory-based experiments and/or web-based experiments and online surveys).

You have to register one time only. After you have registered, we will send you a confirmation email - simply click on the link contained in that email to activate your account. It?s very simple. Please make sure to add as a safe sender in your e-mail program or site and check your spam or junk folder if you have not received the confirmation email.

You can create only one account. If you create more than a single account - one or both accounts will be deleted from the system and you may not be able to participate in any of the experiments. If you have lost your account information, just send us an email and we will reply with your account information.

We conduct real research here but we try to design our experiments and surveys to be fun for participants. Many participants have told us that they enjoy participating and find what we do here to be interesting. Most participants come back and participate in several different experiments. So please tell your friends, family, classmates and colleagues about us. We are always looking for more people to register and participate in our experiments.

Participating in an Experiment

Participating in an Experiment - What Happens After I Register?

Registration is the first step to participating in an experiment. Once you are in our registration database, signing up for experiments is easy.

  • Based on your registration information, we determine the experiments for which you are eligible.

  • We then send out e-mail invitations to participate in experiments for which you are eligible. Only those issued an invitation may participate in a particular experiment.

  • If you receive an invitation and if you wish to participate, sign up for one session by following the link included in your invitation email.

  • We usually run several different sessions of the same experiment, so there are often multiple times and dates from which you can choose. Sign up for only ONE session. It is important that you only sign up for one session because you can participate in an experiment only once. By signing up for a session, you commit to participate in that specific session.

  • If you cannot participate in one of the sessions listed in your invitation, don't sign up for any of them - you might still be able to participate in upcoming sessions which we may add for that experiment.

  • To ensure that we have enough participants for each session, we may invite more people than are required. If you arrive on time but are not needed for an experiment, you will be paid a show-up payment.

  • Participation in our experiments is normally rewarded in cash. Payment includes the show-up payment as well as whatever earnings you accrue during the experiment. The amount you earn will depend on your decisions during the experiment and, often, the decisions made by other participants during the session.

  • It is important to arrive on time. Otherwise, the entire session may be cancelled. This is unfair to the other participants.

  • Upon arrival, before participating in an experiment, you will be required to sign a consent form in person. If you arrive on time, but do not consent to participate in the experiment, you will not be aligible for the show-up payment. However, you can decide to participate in other experiments you will be invited to.

  • We often run several different experiments concurrently. We may invite you to participate in these other experiments. If you meet certain eligibility requirements, you may be able to participate in many different experiments if you want.

  • Eligibility requirements are established by our Experimenters and may involve the participation of only first year students or students in particular fields of study, for example. Different experiments have different eligibility requirements.

  • You cannot sign yourself up for an experiment - you must be invited by us to participate and then you can choose one of the several sessions on different dates and times.

  • We may contact you in the future about other studies conducted at Experimental Lab of UBC's Vancouver School of Economics.

  • And don't forget to tell others about us! We are always looking for more people to register and participate in the experiments and surveys we run here in Experimental Lab at VSE.

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